Networking differently - Roche-Mentees and Mentors build new play equipment for the daycare center “Krabbelkäfer”

Networking and getting to know people in sterile meeting rooms was yesterday. Sawing, drilling and assembling were on the agenda of the day in early July for the participants of the Management Start Up Program at Roche.

Our Mentees have decided to give their annual networking event a new focus and planned an activity day in the daycare center “Krabbelkäfer” in Mannheim without further ado.

Together with their Mentors, the Mentees rolled up their sleeves and spent a day making the outside area of the daycare center even nicer. Through teamwork and the contributions of each individual, by the end of the day the children had a new sitting and crawling area at the sandbox and seats made out of wooden beams, where the children can play and eat outdoors in the future. Mentors and Mentees also had the opportunity to come to know each other better outside of the office and, especially, to exchange ideas and stories beyond the limits of their departments throughout a relaxed dinner.

With the Start Up Program (MSU/ESU), Roche supports young talents along their career paths. During the entire program, each Trainee is accompanied by an experienced Mentor. You can find more information here.

Here you can find some further impressions of the day:

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