Boys, let the girl’s do this!

Girls‘ Day on April 23rd 2015 at Roche Diagnostics

For Girls’ Day on April 23rd 2015, about 10.000 companies in Germany are opening their doors. So does Roche Diagnostics with its sites in Mannheim and Penzberg.

Our training departments are looking after the girls and give them an interesting insight into the different job areas. During the day, they can check out the offered job areas and discover new interest and abilities. Additionally, the girls have the chance to communicate with our students and apprentices to get an impression of how trainings at Roche work.

On our site in Mannheim, we are welcoming 20 girls, who have the possibility to gain an insight into the work of electricians and computer scientists.

For the job of being an electrician, it is necessary to have certain fine motor skills, which are necessary for example when assembling or adjusting our sensor systems. Furthermore, our electricians are learning how to analyze malfunctions or how to do the correct maintenance of our machinery during their apprenticeships.

The dual study system for being a computer scientist is based on the basic knowledge of commercial and information technology. For this job it is necessary to have a basic technical understanding, because during the training the apprentices learn how the various business processes can be mapped by using information technology.

At the Roche site in Penzberg, it is all about chemical technicians. Hence, our three training-ambassadors Katharina, Elisabeth and Bianca were looking after suitable candidates for the Girls’ Day themselves and recruited them in a very enthusiastic way.

“We control and monitor the machines and plants for the production of biotechnological products. Therefore, we are looking for girls who are interested in science and technology and bring certain mechanical skills”, says Elisabeth. Furthermore, it is important for this job, that you’re not afraid of tools - screwing, distilling or controlling the system are as common as measuring the pH-value, the concentration or the sugar level of various substances. Thus, the training for being a chemical technician requires technical as well as chemical basic knowledge and requires responsibility for the use of chemicals.

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During Girls‘ Day the girls are learning, how their possible future daily business could look like. Furthermore, the different departments are providing information about different career opportunities for each job area.

The Girls‘ Day participants should really look forward to this event! We wish all of them a very interesting and successful day!

For further information about career opportunities at Roche, please visit our careers page:

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