Get intern – secure yourself an internship at Roche

Have you recently asked yourself, how you could manage your first steps into the pharmaceutical industry? Additionally, you are not sure which occupational groups are wanted for this business?

In order to answer such questions, Roche Pharma in Grenzach invited 18 candidates to an exclusive day for interns. Manuel, a 20 year old psychology student, was one of the lucky applicants who told us about his experiences:

Relaxed atmosphere and exciting topics

After all candidates arrived at Roche in Grenzach in the morning, we introduced ourselves to each other in an informal setting. Therefore, each candidate was asked to bring an item, which can be connected to oneself. We were all students, but with different fields of studies: business administration, social science and health science. As soon as the introduction was done, we were able to lean back and relax, while listening to a presentation of Roche in general by an employee, who entered the company through the “Management Start Up” trainee program. Interesting facts and figures illustrated that Roche is one of the world`s largest pharmaceutical companies. The most exciting fact for us was that Roche is the only pharmaceutical company in the canon of the major corporations that invests more in research and development than in marketing.

Insider information at lunch

During lunchtime, we were offered the great opportunity to ask individual questions. Therefore, we sat together with different Roche employees and current interns. We were told that Roche attaches great value to the promotion of young academics. Besides the already required skills for a job, further demanded characteristics, like personal responsibility or self-initiative, are highly demanded throughout the selection of candidates.

There was a lot going on at the "Round tables"

After lunch so called ‘Round Tables’ took place, during which we discussed different topics with Roche employees from the departments HR Recruiting & Marketing, Controlling, Payer Strategy and LOD (Learning & Organizational Development). Therefore, we got together in small groups where we were able to ask about our different topics and exchange information. Through this we learned how multifaceted internships at Roche can be. The Round Tables were followed by individual interviews with representatives of HR and specialty departments. During those 30-minutes meetings, we all felt very comfortable because the atmosphere was very pleasant. Due to this, time passed really quickly – entirely different in comparison to “normal” job interviews. The day was over too soon, so we were very happy that we had a last chance to ask questions during the final “Get together”.

Before Manuel went home, he told us his opinion about the day:

The day really exceeded my expectations, my impression is altogether positive. I enjoyed the easy-going atmosphere and I have to say that the day was planned and realized very well. It was a great opportunity to gain an insight into Roche and thus, once again deliberately decide for this great employer.

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