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Moritz D. started his career at Roche already before entering the company: he was a member of the Roche Evolution program, which enabled him to get to know every day working life and built the basis for his leadership career. However, the comprehensive training opportunities still keep surprising him. alumnus Dr. Moritz D. (35) studied biochemistry in Tübingen, Witten/ Herdecke and Australia. After his doctorate at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg he started working at Roche Diagnostics. He already came to appreciate the organization when he was a student, as he was a member of the talent relationship program “Roche Evolution”.

You came to Roche via the “Roche Evolution“ program. What exactly does the program include?

“Roche Evolution” is a talent relationship program, in which you can only become a member by recommendation. Depending on your study phase and field of study you can take part in workshops and gain practical experience. This helps to gain insights into the organization and build a network inside the company. Additionally, you can receive advice from a mentor.

How did this work out for you?

I was in the first year of my doctorate, when I got in contact with Roche via the mentoring of and was suggested for the “Roche Evolution“ program. During the course of the program I participated in workshops regarding leadership, manufacturing practice and business. So I already oriented myself towards a leadership position early on. For me, the best thing was the personal contact with employees from different departments. This way I could figure out whether Roche is an employer that matches my personal interests.

Why exactly did it fit?

I got to know Roche as a company, which is fully focused on innovation for the benefit of patients and which is characterized by scientific top-performance as well as an open and transparent corporate culture. The possibility to take on responsibility quickly and to receive considerable scope, were the two main reasons why I chose to enter Roche after my doctorate. Additionally, I was offered a very attractive position as a group leader in the quality assurance department – so you can say a direct entry as a boss.

What was the first surprise with the new employer?

After a few days on the job I was referred to the training offered at Roche. I was surprised that the company attaches so much value on training and continuous professional development of the employees. A wide variety of seminars and courses are provided. Due to this, I was able to extend my knowledge in project management and human resource management.

In the meantime you took on a new task – tell us about it.

Yes, my current position is Functional Lead Diagnostics Global Operations. This means, I represent the global functions of direct purchasing, production and supply chain in the headquarters of Roche Professional Diagnostics for an important product portfolio of laboratory diagnostics. Content-wise the job contains a wide variety of topics like product launch, management and market supply of current products, but also strategic projects like new market segments. So I have a management function which also requires a lot of technical know-how.

What do you like most about your work?

My main motivation is that my work can contribute to patient’s quality of life. Additionally, I feel comfortable in the organization. I receive a lot of support and continuously learn something new every day – by daily work or by training.

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