Show me the right poses!

Why it is important to include exercises in your daily routine

At Roche, the medical service and maintenance of industrial health and safety standards are making huge contributions to our employee’s wealth. Therefore, they implemented various measures. In the following, we’ll give you a short insight:

It’s Tuesday morning, 9 o’clock, in the post office. Alexander stretches himself. Six of his colleagues are doing the same. The team of the postal service is forming a circle while they are stretching and limbering up their muscles. Alexander is trained Ergo-Scout and does this kind of workout twice a week with his colleagues. “In the beginning the workout was rather smiled at, but in the meantime I can see the changes in my colleague’s poses and that they are moving different and more aware”, he tells happily.

Our employees need to carry heavy loads in logistics, packaging or in the production area. Using the right poses prevents injuries and back pain. This is similar if one’s working on the computer, where the muscles are not needed enough. With small hints and exercises in this case, a lot can literally be moved.

Getting more agile by doing exercises

The Roche initiative, introduced by the maintenance of industrial health and safety standards trying to create more awareness of ergonomic work places. Dirk, member of the maintenance of industrial health and safety standards and contact person for Ergo-Scouts, explains the thought about this initiative:

“At first, we aimed to sensitize our employees”. For this purpose, Roche offers regular group trainings for each department. “We don’t want this to be a one-off occurrence - the key to a healthy back is continuity”, Dirk adds. At this point Roche introduced Ergo-Scouts. They are trained in internal sessions, how to show exercises to other people and additionally motivate colleagues to join the program. Furthermore, the Ergo-Scouts establish regular workout breaks. We are already a team of approximately 180 Ergo-Scouts on the site in Mannheim. “We are happy about everyone who is interested in exercising, having fun with our workouts and who wants to motivate others to contribute to these breaks” says Dirk.

Additionally Roche promotes the opportunity to do workouts on one’s own via a computer program called “Exercise on PC”. Short stretching tutorials and exercises that stimulate the blood flow are improving the circulation and hence raise one’s productivity for example. A simple Email reminder supports that these exercises are also repeated regularly. Thus, even for desk-workers, back pain and neck aches can be prevented.

The spine is carrying more than half of the body weight. That’s the reason why experts are recommending being aware of exercising and caring about yourself. Small exercises on a regular basis can help to continuously improve your pose and agility.

You got curious and want to know more about this topic? In this video you can see how trainings with our Ergo-Scouts look like. Additionally you find further ideas how you can integrate exercises in your work place.

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