Rebecca Schoenlaub, Quality Control Diagnostics Operations Mannheim

Diagnostics Operations Mannheim, in short DOM, ensures the global supply of patients, laboratories and hospitals with diagnostic reagents and test stripes. To this DOM as the largest field of Global Diagnostics Operations at the locations Mannheim and Penzberg produces a large variety of products for the in-vitro-diagnostics. With this program we want to show you some people which stand behind our success with proud and motivation.

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Rebecca Schoenlaub works in Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim in Diagnostics Operations Mannheim. She has worked for Roche since 2007 and has also been involved with Quality Control in DOMC in Mannheim since then.

What do you do in your area?

“In addition to quality control for Coagulation, my main job includes monitoring several smaller projects such as efficiency projects, value stream in Quality Control, and development projects. Our new evaluation software is also being migrated at this time; I am also involved in this. Also, I will get my Six Sigma Green Belt certification this year.”

What do you associate with DOM? What does DOM stand for?

“First: High quality. Second: On-time delivery. Third: Large quantities and product diversity."

What motivates you to work for DOM?

“The variety in my work motivates me every day to come to work. Since I work on different projects, I deal with different interfaces. I like this a lot. Keyword value stream: In the past, we often tried to change something within our Quality Control group, but we never went beyond the interfaces. Now that we have adopted the value stream along the entire value chain of a product, everyone has a clearer picture of the final product. I am especially motived by the fact that new doors are opened in DOM every day.”

In your view, what makes DOM unique?

“Working in Quality Control - that might sound a bit boring at first, but this is not the case. This work is very interesting, due to the many efficiency projects we are working on. Another thing that makes us unique is our DOM Process Rally. DOM has offered this experience-oriented, "hands-on" training since 2001. The participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the entire process and the specific tasks on-site. As part of the training, they manufacture a real product in two days. This is a tremendous opportunity to strengthen your network within the organization.”

What is special about your site?

“The close connections make the site special – especially with new product developments or product launches. Very recently we were awarded the contract for a blood glucose meter; in this case we very intentionally utilized the advantage of our site.”

What challenges do you see facing DOM in general?

“Change itself is a huge challenge. The FIT Production System, the DOM mindset, the DOM IT strategy: We know the strategy and our path to 2020. But what comes after that? We are implementing our strategy, but at the same time we must also reflect on what the strategy must look like after 2020.”

What challenges do you see facing your group?

“The challenge to Quality Control is to release new parameters at the correct level of quality and to continue to improve and harmonize the processes. We take a closer look at all processes and then re-orient them. Hopefully the strategy implemented by DOM-IT will assist us in this endeavor.”

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