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…Beate, team leader, design validation and human factors at Roche Diabetes Care

Beate, team leader design validatin and human factors at Roche Diabetes Care

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Beate. I have been at Roche since 2012 and I’m responsible for the department of design validation and human factors for our various Diabetes Care products, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pumps and software programs – essentially everything that supports diabetes therapy most effectively.

What are your duties at Roche?

My assignments are to support development-associated tests and user interviews. We perform what are referred to as usability tests in-house or with external associates. In the user interviews we talk to doctors, patients or patient family members. With the development-associated tests we provide input for the design and technical executions of our products to our coworkers in development. This ongoing evaluating and designing process is referred to as usability engineering.

In addition, I work on what we call validation studies, which contribute to product approvals. As such I deal with study course planning, writing reports, budget estimates and I coordinate with external and internal contacts in relation to the methodology to be used. My duties also include active stakeholder management with my coworkers in labeling, regulatory affairs, engineering, design, marketing, medical and risk management. As we work in medical technology strictly in accordance with norms based on our high quality standards, I am actively involved in usability norms in an international work group.

And what impact does your work have on people with diabetes?

The results of our work mean that our products can be used more safely and conveniently in the everyday lives of people with diabetes. They should be good companions rather than technical obstacles for them. Ultimately, we also provide the proof that our products can compete on the market with confidence.

What has been a highlight of your work so far?

We conduct user tests to adapt our products based on the results to the needs of people with diabetes as well as their family members and staff providing care in medical centers. Which is why it feels good whenever our tests result in better products, as it is our objective to help patients with our products to improve control in their everyday lives.

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