Report on the Introductory Week for the New Apprentices and DHBW Students in Mainz in Early September


M wie Miteinander (togetherness), A wie Anfänger (beginners), I wie Integrität (integrity), N wie Neuanfang (new start), Z wie Zusammenhalt (solidarity)

These are five things that cross our minds when we think about the introductory week in Mainz.

On Monday, 86 apprentices and DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) students were standing in front of the bus, unaware to what new stage of their lives it would take them. At first, everyone was nervous, which proved, in retrospect, to be completely unfounded. After a substantial breakfast, we moved into the rooms and were divided into seven sports teams, in which every apprenticeship profession was represented. This served the purpose of helping the vocational training groups to grow together as a team. However, we didn’t just have fun during the athletic activities we also learned a lot about products, apprenticeship professions and behavioral patterns. The week was at all times diverse. There was a good mix of athletic activities and the perfect introduction to the Roche life. In addition to the group work, there were plenty of opportunities to do some sports, to get to know other people as well as to discover the city of Mainz. Every day, “camp-style” Olympics took place, during which several apprentice teams and the trainers competed with one another. Furthermore, we had a visit from special guests. The Youth and Apprentice Council explained their tasks and goals and what they have already achieved for us as apprentices by means of creative group work. The one or other creative as well as musical talent was revealed amongst us apprentices and there was a lot to laugh about. On the next day, we were busy solving various tasks in the city of Mainz during the city rally. After that, the planning for the final evening event began. This was under the motto “series”. The Simpsons, Scrubs, Game of Thrones, the Flintstones and many other TV shows were represented. We found the topic very suitable and had a lot of fun filling the evening with little skits. The final evening was a complete success with a delicious barbecue and entertaining performances where we screamed with laughter. Even the trainers could laugh at themselves. In a relaxed atmosphere and with good music, everyone danced. So, not only the apprentices but also the apprentices and the trainers grew closer. On the last day, we finally received our company badges. The time really flew by and before we knew it, we were back in Mannheim. All in all, it wasn’t our specialist knowledge that was in focus, but rather we as individuals and we learned a lot about the Roche corporate culture.

After only one week, we already felt like real “Rochler”. If there were an Instagram post this week, we would say: #MAINZIGARTIG (#unique)

By Johanna Schül, Nina Kazmeier, Eva Heidenreich, Lara Röderer

Tags: Career Blog, Germany