Feeling Good – today, tomorrow and in the future

Roche has committed itself as employer to promoting the health culture at work long-term, and has been inviting staff at all locations around the globe to a Wellbeing Week since 2013. "Live Well. Find your balance." is the motto of the global Wellbeing Initiative, which bundles the wide array of activities under one shared name and with shared goals. The employees benefit from the diverse offers throughout the year.

The program is multi-colored and full of variety: during informational events, lectures, taster courses and preventive healthcare offers regarding the key issues of a healthy lifestyle, mental health and employee support, staff were able to learn more about their current state of health and gain insights into strategies to improve fitness.

"Workplace health promotion does not only mean medical prevention, but it also stands for holistic support of staff at many different levels. That’s why alongside Medical Services, especially the Occupational Safety and Human Resource departments are behind the Wellbeing Week, too," explained Edgar Vieth, Head of Personnel at Roche Diagnostics GmbH. "With this global initiative, we spur our existing local activities, and support a shared culture of health and wellbeing for all employees."

Finding the right balance in Mannheim

The Mannheim-based program included, among other things, numerous joint physical activities and a presentation by an expert on proper sleep. But colorectal cancer screening and demography were topics this time as well.

The Wellbeing Week got off to a very dynamic start. On Monday, the employees were able to visit diverse taster courses in the Roche Active-Center. There were offers like yoga, animated breaks, spinning and Zumba. Tuesday was totally focused on preventive healthcare issues. Staff had, for example, the opportunity to have their back strength measured or take part in a free colorectal cancer screening. Relaxation was the core focus on Wednesday. Alongside a speech on the topic of "well rested and fit despite work stress," various taster courses to unwind were offered such as Pilates, Qigong and yoga. Thursday concentrated on the demography issue and staff support offers. Numerous benefits were presented – from childcare through to old-age provision, and much more. The week was wrapped up with the topic of nutrition on Friday. The menu consisted of a balanced choice of meals as well as tips and information about healthy nutrition. The Diabetes Care Team also explained how people with diabetes master their life with state-of-the-art diabetes management systems.

Wellbeing is a matter of balance – whether through good nutrition, meaningful relaxation breaks or active movement. We want to motivate colleagues to get to know more things that are good for them. For this purpose, we created an interesting and multifaceted program – because the employees should feel healthy and productive in all situations of work and life.
Dr. Hans-Thomas Link Head of Medical Services Mannheim