Why Roche Denmark

“I help to make a difference for a large group of people who suffer from diabetes. Our products provide them with a better quality of life and to make a difference in their daily lives. I feel high from the feedback we get from our patients!”

Krestina F, Diabetes Care

As the largest biotech and pharmaceutical company in the world, Roche is acknowledged for its contribution in enhancing the global state of health through prevention, diagnostics and treatment of a number of life-threatening diseases. It is our vision and goal to develop, produce and market new innovative medicine to patients with serious or life-threatening illnesses. It is our mission to improve the possibilities for preventing, diagnosing and treating illnesses to cure patients’ illnesses and to improve their quality of life. Our vision, goal and mission are built upon our values (integrity, courage and passion) which lay the foundation for our corporation.

At Roche Denmark, you will have the opportunity to work at all stages of the diagnostic and treatment process. Whether you decide to work in the diagnostic or pharmaceutical areas, the core skills remain the same: the passion, integrity and courage of our employees are the foundation of Roche and the reason we are able to help make a difference.

Our vision is to lead the way for innovative personalized health care solutions that meet the most important medical needs of patients.

A job with Roche means that you can help make this vision a reality.

In Denmark, the two divisions of Roche – Roche a/s and Roche Diagnostics A/S reside in the same building in Hvidovre, but in most of the day-to-day aspects they function as two separate companies. We share the same mission, vision and values, so while reading through these pages, please keep in mind that when we refer to “Roche” or “Roche Denmark”, we refer to both companies.

We are committed

“The work culture in Roche is quite special. There is a “spirit” that I have not experienced anywhere else. Our hearts beat to make a difference for the patients, and to do our best. We gladly invest many hours to achieve the best results, and Roche supports our work in any number of ways.”

Mads E, Medical

A job with Roche is accompanied by great responsibility, which is why we push ourselves to work hard. We expect you to be able to handle this responsibility in a way that reflects our values - passion, integrity and courage.

The core value in our company is to make a difference; first and foremost, by making a difference in the lives of the patients, their relatives and society at large. Only by making a difference – and creating new value – can Roche continue its success, growth and progress.

That we encourage high performance is reflected in our performance management system. We believe that employees will be motivated and encouraged to perform, when the link between performance and reward is clear.


Roche a/s Copenhagen was awarded 3rd place in Denmark’s Great Place to Work 2015 (mid-sized companies) at a gala dinner in Copenhagen on November 17th 2015.

It is the 10th year that Roche a/s have participated in - and are in the top of - the Danish GPTW list. We are all very happy and proud to receive this recognition. For the past many years all employees at Roche a/s have worked together to create a living and inspiring place to work, and to develop a caring culture, which at the same time motivates everybody to perform at their best.

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