Our areas of work

Sales & Business Development

To sell our innovative products and services, you need to have a profound knowledge of the market and take part in customer acquisition and care, market research and analysis, competitive analysis and much more. By selling our products, you will develop strong relationships with customers in primary care or hospitals, and you’ll work closely with your sales and marketing colleagues.

Business development is focused on interdisciplinary projects within medical marketing and sales. Our focus areas are critical care testing, cardiology and oncology. Our goals are to create the clinical needs of selected studies and thereby increase our sales by creating new opportunities in terms of strategic or direct sales in new markets or segments.


Roche products are of the highest quality and make a difference to the health and quality of life of people in Denmark and globally. We want to communicate and share this with our customers.

With the Danish marketing team, you will plan, launch or support a portfolio of new and existing products, and you will build strong relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. We want to make sure our success and our progress are communicated effectively – which is why marketing is a key strategic function at Roche.

Customer Support

We ensure the establishment and development of a relationship with the customer that enhances the reputation and professionalism of Roche. All customer inquiries and orders are received and processed by customer support, and you’ll make sure that we meet our customers’ needs and that they receive their orders in good condition and on time.

Technical Support

Every day we do our best to help our customers while performing maintenance on diagnostic instruments. As a field service engineer, you’ll provide preventative, corrective, modification and installation support to customers on instruments, as well as monitor and act appropriately upon key metrics to provide an effective service. We want to make sure all our customers receive the best service, so they are able to create even more effective treatment for patients.


We enhance and safeguard the health of the public by ensuring that medicines and medical devices function properly and are safe. Robust and fact-based decisions underpin all of our work and ensure that the benefits to patients and the public justify any risks.


We guide the company in all aspects of financial management and contribute to the company’s decision-making processes to ensure that our assets provide the highest ROI. You’ll focus both on financial as well as operational areas which will help provide a solid economic framework for Roche.


Communications aims to build trust and support among internal and external observers that influence the company’s business success and reputation. We communicate our values and our business strategies to both internal and external stakeholders and help determine the company’s reputation and business success.


We contribute to business success by enabling an environment in which every employee feels valued and respected, is able to grow to his or her full potential and can make their mark in improving patients’ lives. HR supports the company’s strategy and goals to attract, motivate and develop talented employees. We work for a strong performance culture with opportunities for personal growth, investment in employee development and rewards for high performance.


The IT team plays a critical role for development, implementation and delivery of IT. We support employees and stakeholders and help to ensure that IT systems stay on track - focused, aligned and productive.

Support Functions

At Roche Denmark, there are also other support functions such as the canteen, reception and warehouse which have very important roles in creating the best conditions and services for internal and external stakeholders.

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