Healthy Roche

“Healthy Roche is an excellent initiative which shows that Roche is engaged in the wellness of its employees and wants to do something extra for us. We get good, healthy food, and we can participate in internal sports activities, so we can do something good for ourselves.”

Kristina C, Finance

At Roche, we value a healthy lifestyle and a good work/life balance. Therefore, we have created the initiative “Healthy Roche” which gives our employees access to healthy food, internal sports activities and different specialists.

Our canteen offers healthy, low fat food with lots of vegetables and fruit, and we serve delicious varieties of fruit at our in-house meetings.

To enable our employees to take time out for exercise, we have set up in-house activities, such as biking, aerobics and running. Furthermore, in order to save our employees the hassle of making a choice between medical appointments and work, we have set up an in-house clinic, where a physiotherapist, a massage therapist and a dietician attend to the needs of our employees on a weekly basis. All these initiatives are jointly paid for by Roche and by the employees.

At conferences, exercise is an integrated part of our social interaction, and has become a natural way of spending time with each other.

Healthy Roche has proven to be a great initiative across all the departments and positions – we are all in it together, and in that way, Healthy Roche is simply a natural part of our daily working life.


“We have many excellent social initiatives, including several health-related options. There is considerable focus on the family, so the balance between work and family is good. Also, in other contexts we are looked after - for example, with regard to the overall work load. There is always a place to go for help, and good colleagues are always ready to help and care for each other.” Anja K, HR

We take time out of our busy schedules to discuss personal well-being and team interaction. In that way, we challenge each other on what it is that gives us energy. On a larger scale, well-being and stress prevention is an integrated part of face-to-face meetings between managers and employees.

In 2002, to support our work/life balance, Roche a/s decided to start a “well-being group”. The first task of the group was to create a “well-being policy”. This has become a dynamic document, which we often work with in groups or all together. In this way, all of the employees have contributed to the policy, and we all feel a sense of ownership and are inspired to help each other to live up to it. Furthermore, our work to support a healthy work/life balance in Roche is also based on the feedback we get from our employees, our daily communication, and our participation in the employee surveys.

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