Keep On Learning And Acquaint With New Research Trends

How are you contributing through your work at Roche to help patients?

I’m responsible for sales in the next generation sequencing market. I’m very glad to see that it has changed from fundamental research to clinical application. With the help of Roche products, patients can get precision medicine by disease screening, personalized medicine and prognosis monitoring.

What is the most challenging part of your job or about working at Roche in general?

The changeable market asks Roche to keep pace with times. The department of Life Science asks me to keep on learning and acquaint with new research trends. Faced with difficulties and confusion though, I never give up.

What do you think of your job?

In the future, my job can help patients find severe diseases in advance and contribute to improving the life quality.

Have you seen the result of you work reflected in helping patients?

At present we concentrate on clinical research, such as tumors, genetic screening, drug resistance detecting, gut microbiota and disease research. These data collection will definitely become the foundation of clinical application and precision medicine will definitely benefit mankind.

Please complete the following sentence: 

Roche is a great place to work, because it provides with a very competitive remuneration package and a comprehensive range of benefits.

Remember your original intention and forge ahead.

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