Setting sail in Roche

It’s never too soon to start making your mark. Are you ready to add practical experience to your course of study? An internship at Roche can be the perfect place to find out how your discipline looks in action. It’s also a chance to show what you’re made of as you start to make a personal contribution to advancing healthcare! Even as an intern, you’ll participate in the important work that helps to change patient’s lives all over the world. 

If you’re ready to put your studies in action, then we invite you to experience Roche — an environment where new and unconventional ideas are guaranteed to find fertile ground.

Campus Recruitment is a crucial part in Roche people development. Every year, we open various positions in  different departments national-wide, offering opportunities for students to join Top 500 and enhance competitive ability.

“We crave for talents”. Roche campus relationship program is a development plan tailored for the university students. Every year Roche opens different functional internship positions in different departments all over the country to provide university students with a platform for starting their career. Roche provides medical information consultant campus recruitment program, MBA intern program, Perspective program (world management trainee program), R&D summer intern program, manufacturing practice base program, etc. for different university students.

“Gather the talented people in the world to teach them.” In Roche each intern will have a tutor who will provide guidance to enhance his or her professional knowledge and skills; the actual exercises of various practical skills will help interns take a solid first step towards their future career. In addition, Roche has tailored the WeChat platform named “intern free journey” for interns so that interns can present their infinite future. By the mid-year of 2016, Roche has provided various trainings for over 900 interns.

Let’s make Roche a difference, opening your era at this moment!

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