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Roche Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the top 5 Pharmaceutical companies in our country. Welfare of the patients and fulfilment of unmet medical needs are the most important reason of our existence. Roche Bosnia and Herzegovina focuses on marketing and sales for the main therapeutic areas: Oncology, Virology, Anaemia, and Rheumatology.

Our innovative approach to medical solutions and products which bring revolution in treatment give patients a chance to improve the quality of their lives. Roche office in Bosnia and Herzegovina maintain good cooperation with our partners not only doctors and patients but institutions such as: clinical centres, health ministry and health insurance fund, patient associations in order to provide more qualitative treatment and better health care conditions for patients in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Beside our mentioned main objective Roche Bosnia and Herzegovina has wide experience in supporting the activities which brings benefits and lasting effects to the society. Roche’s desire to help society is in fact, part of corporate culture and one of the obligations which we have as a sustainable socially responsible company.

As proactive and value-driven company, committed to the society, we started well planned innovative project „Roche Academy” for young, talented doctors who have a chance to learn more about skills which they couldn’t acquire during their regular education such as communication skills, focusing on communication with patients, presentation skills and clinical trials school.

Our people

Roche is a leader in Pharmaceutical business globally as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our hard working team counts 29 employees out which 19 females and 10 males. Roche employs highly educated professionals who work in Oncology, Medical, Hospital & Open Care, Finance and Administration units. Roche Bosnia and Herzegovina has a young team that is talented, energetic and always ready for new challenges. It is gratifying to work in company that provides a sense of security and belongings where each employee can contribute in improving the health system in our country.

Who we are looking for

Since we are the international company which offers a chance to advance itself and gives an opportunity for International business training and International career in innovative work environment, we are looking for qualified persons not only with Medical and Pharmaceutical background but a variety of different positions such as marketing, human recourses, financing, administration, having strong marketing, selling, time management and promotion skills, who are opened, communicative flexible, confident and highly motivated. flexible, confident and highly motivated.

We firmly believe that we are different so join us and act differently with us.

We are changing the system and turning patient’s hope into reality. Therefor we are looking for persons, who can, with its quality, help in accomplishment of our mission.

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