We have a winning team!

  • The winning team,
    The winning team, "Typical" from La Salle University Barcelona, Spain
  • Second place team,
    Second place team, "CAD-KD" from Purdue University Indianapolis, USA
  • Third place team​,​ “Curry Baguette” from IE-Instituto de Empresa Madrid, Spain
    Third place team​,​ “Curry Baguette” from IE-Instituto de Empresa Madrid, Spain

Congratulations to team "Typical" from La Salle University Barcelona, Spain

The Code4life University Challenge ended with the final pitch at Roche on 11 December 2017.

The teams participating in the Code4life Global Challenge came together at Roche offices in Germany, Poland Spain, Switzerland and the USA. They were connected live via video conference and pitched their solutions to the real life Roche business case. After intensive consultation the expert committee announced the winners:

  1. Team “Typical” from La Salle University Barcelona, Spain.
  2. Team “CAD-KD” from Purdue University Indianapolis, USA.
  3. Team “Curry Baguette” from from IE-Instituto de Empresa Madrid, Spain.

Over 140 teams registered in the Code4life University Challenge 2017 and 444 students across 60 universities competed in the National Challenge. The winners will be visiting the Roche Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland in May 2018 as part of their prize.

The University Challenge allowed students to find out how coding is solving problems in healthcare.

The Code4life University Challenge was both a National and a Global Challenge for students attending university in one of 5 countries (Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and USA).

In the National Challenge, students from the same university formed teams of three and tested their coding skills against other student teams in their country. Participants could major in any field of study but had to be able to code in at least one of 25 coding languages (C++, Java, Go, Ruby, C#, F#, Javascript, PHP, Rust, Python3, OCaml, Dart, Scala, Python, Haskell, Perl, C, VB.NET, ObjectiveC, Swift3, Lua, Bash, Groovy, Clojure) allowed in the Code4life game.

Participants had the chance to win many exciting prizes in the National Challenge and the winning teams continued with the Global Challenge where the grand prize was a visit to Roche headquarters in Basel, Switzerland in January 2018.

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