My motivation and inspiration is that we are able to improve quality of life.

Who are you and what do you do at Roche?

Hi my name is Sebastian Buchenberg.  I work as a Biostatistician for Roche Diagnostics in Penzberg in the Early Development department. In our daily work we provide different areas like product development, clinical studies and sometimes even the final production with detailed statistical analysis. After collecting data from these fields we use state of the art machine learning tools to generate additional profit and to create new and innovative solutions.

How did you come to Roche?

I got aware of the biostatistic group through an employment advertisement on a job portal. Actually, I was looking for a post-doc position at Roche, which I didn’t get. Instead I got my current job, which in hindsight I am really happy about.

What is special about Roche and your job?

For me, the most special thing about my department is the diversity of projects we are involved in; covering large parts of the diagnostic unit. Using data science and statistics, I work on process optimization in production and support my colleagues in the test development.  Additionally,  the job offers a wide range of exciting activities and interesting contacts.  My motivation and inspiration is that we are able to improve quality of life.

What about Penzberg?

Penzberg is really great when it comes to outdoor activities. In Greater Munich I can do everything related to mountain sports: Mountaineering, climbing and mountainbiking.

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