I think where different expertise or different worlds meet each other is where the magic happens.

My story

Hi my name is Eldad and I’m a senior scientist at Roche in Penzberg. Before starting to work at Roche, I worked in a start-up company in the field of medical devices in Israel. Basically I was looking for an opportunity to work outside of Israel, to meet new people and see new cultures and novel technologies. By chance, someone I knew was working at Roche in Penzberg (just 30 minutes drive south of Munich)and informed me about an open position for an emerging scientist. After my interview in December 2015 (by the way it was really, really cold) I decided to join the Pathology & Tissue Analytics department in the Roche Innovation Center Munich located in Penzberg

My role at Roche

My job includes implementation of cutting edge computer vision and machine learning technologies for pathology biopsy images. With those algorithms we are able to detect different objects in the tissue, such as tumour areas as well as detection of different cell types.

What inspires me about working at Roche

For me working at Roche is really incredible, because of being engaged in different projects with people of different expertise and functions. I’ve been working with biologists, oncologists, pathologists and through this learning about different fields of science. For a computer scientist, it is a big advantage to be surrounded by people who are not only computer scientists but from different fields. I think where different expertise or different worlds meet each other is where the magic happens. To implement all the knowledge from different fields into something new, that each person wouldn’t be able to do alone. For me this is fascinating and inspiring.

Life in Bavaria, Germany

Compared to Israel or the States, you can find a really good work-life-balance in Germany, especially at Roche. There are a lot of opportunities to spend your free time in the nature, which is all around you in Bavaria. I really like it here. And not to forget: the amazing Oktoberfest.

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