Roche will give you a perfect work environment and development opportunities

I like to work in a customer centric environment leading technical teams towards achieving results.  In my current role, I lead the Global Connectivity Project which is responsible for delivering connectivity modules for our Diagnostics solutions according to our customers’- needs, that is to develop the highest quality healthcare software solutions that meet patients’ needs.  It is really important and motivating for me to be close to the customer so we can contribute to their well-being.

What inspires me:

The digital age has already come to healthcare and connectivity and integration is the key to success in personalised healthcare and in the IVD (in-vitro diagnostics) field. Our team develops the connectivity modules that provide workflow automation and enable the exchange of medical data between IVD instruments and the our IT Solutions for our customers, large commercial and hospital laboratories.  

Our highly skilled software engineers focus on new cutting-edge technologies, solutions, etc. that enable the exchange and processing of medical data anytime anywhere for patients.  I see a future where patients access their medical data with their mobile devices.  For patients, quality of life can improve significantly since they will be monitored anywhere and anytime by their physicians, which can give them peace of mind as they don’t have to go to a hospital every time they want to get clarity on their current/actual health condition. I am proud that I can contribute my knowledge and experience to improve a patient’s quality of life! It’s rewarding to see how patients can improve their day to day life thanks to the technological projects we work on at Roche Diagnostics!

I joined Roche precisely because it is a big international company. Being part of this global network was - and continues to be - the best way for me to contribute my knowledge and experience within a successful worldwide organization. At Roche I have the opportunity to work in a multinational environment, travel abroad and work together with different people from many nationalities and backgrounds. I come to work every day because at Roche I can work in a team and grow and learn as a professional. I also really enjoy leading technical teams that achieve excellent results and customer satisfaction!


My personal story:

During my studies in telecommunications engineering, I was attracted by the content of the biomedical-related subjects.  I realized I could apply the principles and techniques of the physical/engineering world to medical/biological problems with one clear aim: improving a patient’s life.  That’s when I decided to focus on biomedical engineering. After finishing my studies, I went to Germany to complete my thesis.  I was fascinated to exchange knowledge in biomedical engineering with other experts and my love and passion for biomedical engineering was born. 
After returning to Spain, I worked for several companies. Still my passion for the biomedical sector continued and I returned to school for a masters in biomedical engineering.  This is when I discovered that ROCHE was a leading company in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry.  I applied and joined Roche as a Senior Software Project Engineer in 2012.

Since then I have worked on many projects in-vitro diagnostics and now for Connectivity organizing, consolidating and leading several teams.  I was recently promoted and now am responsible for a key project including budgets, timelines, scope and quality, among other key deliverables.

Key moments in my Roche career: 

  • Navigating change:  Last year we reorganized our business areas.  While change is an inevitable part of organizational life, living through the changes can be challenging and stressful at times. I am glad and proud to say that I took the changes with courage and positivism and was able to take the chance and improve my professional career at Roche. 
  • Science focused: Nowadays, mobile applications are increasingly being used by patients and consumers worldwide. For that reason, we have designed a successful, innovative mobile application that helps us speed-up collaboration between our global site and the different Roche affiliates and Field Service Engineers worldwide. 
  • A respectful culture:  Empathy - the ability to understand and support others with sensitivity - is a fundamental construct to our daily team work.  We cannot achieve success in our day to day challenges without empathy and collaboration. It is very rewarding when I see that our team reaches agreements quite quickly when team members listen to each other carefully.
  • Open-minded perspective: From my view, the fact that Roche is an international company is one of our biggest assets. Here I have the chance to work every day with people from different countries and cultures. This gives me an excellent opportunity to understand diversity and to meet different people and openly collaborate together to reach a common goal. 
  • Lasting contribution to progress:  When I realized that Roche is the number 1 company in the in-vitro diagnostics sector, there was no doubt that I wanted to be part of it.  At Roche, I have the freedom to try out new approaches and choose my own direction and the possibility to contribute my knowledge and experience towards the company’s success. Most important, working for Roche also means I have the chance to be passionately committed to improving the lives of patients.

My advice for software engineers:

We need the best engineering talent to achieve the digital transformation of our business and shape the future of healthcare. New technologies are changing the world (big data, analytics, cloud computing), revolutionizing the healthcare sector and Roche as an organization as well.  We need and want highly skilled software engineering talent to help us shape the future of healthcare.

Roche offers the perfect environment to work and great opportunities to develop your software engineering career because you can work on cutting-edge technologies in a perfect job at one of several Roche locations worldwide.  Job-rotations, project assignments and exposure to new roles and challenges in the organization it is just the start of the journey at Roche!

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