The Cube

Centralised and Point of Care Solutions (CPS)
Driving Innovation using Real World Data

The Cube

fully integrated solutions, flexible and performant database, optimized data warehouse, self-service BI and responsive consulting service

The Cube
Creating Future with Integrated Solutions

The Cube is not merely a data warehouse but more importantly, applied big data analyses including state-of-the art machine learning techniques using data generated by Roche analysers worldwide.

The Cube exploits the potential of instrument data by adding comprehensive business and process knowledge to improve not only the performance of Roche devices but also to monitor the Roche products quality day by day.

Extensive system and reagent information is continuously transmitted to Roche via the existing the link connection. These data, which are sent by the instruments in the field, form the basis of an extended customer services.

Medical devices are key elements of modern healthcare. Today, these instruments generate large amounts of essential, timely so-called real world data (RWD) that have a huge clinical and economic impact.


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Healthcare Powered by Data

Today, Roche applies all modern methods of advanced data analytics to reveal the operational and medical value of the collected data.

Roche’s modern analysers are connected with a central Roche hub via instrument Link. The instrument Link is an IT connectivity protocol that enables bidirectional data exchange from Roche to customers, and from customers to Roche.

This allows us to provide access to e-library (e.g. allowing customers to download up-to-date product information) and to offer support like remote troubleshooting, software updates or security patches.

Analysis of RWD in turn generates real-world evidence which allows not only to control the quality, safety, and performance of diagnostic products, but also leads to meaningful insights into unmet (medical) needs.

Currently, over 32.000 analytical modules are connected to the Cube worldwide.

In the Cube we combine customer’s real world data with Roche internal databases. This favors product monitoring and gives a promise to resolve problems quickly.

Thus, the Cube enables and supports Roche to maintain the high quality standard of our products.

Customer Benefits

Customers transmitting instrument data benefit from numerous advantages. Through the insights created with the Cube, we can adequately and timely react to requests raised by customers that are using our products.

Beyond that, we can contribute to an optimised laboratory operation by improving handling of our devices specifically tailored to the customer’s needs. This covers, e.g., determination of laboratory-specific reference ranges as well as better service/maintenance scheduling and improved storage space management.

We are a small and innovative team within the Biostatistics & Software Engineering department located in Penzberg, Germany.

The Cube
Who we are

The Cube team belongs to the R&D Centralised and Point of Care Solutions (CPS) within the Roche Diagnostics division.

We support a broad portfolio of internal customers from R&D, complaint management, diagnostic production and the life cycle teams (business) with tailor-made and complex data analyses and software solutions.

In this context, we are responsible for the operation and continuous further development of the Cube in-memory databases in order to constantly improve and optimise the quality of our products and analyses.

Think Future – Turn Data into Action

“Data is a very valuable asset for us. It is not only crucial to keep our market leading position but to deliver more benefits to customers and patients at a faster pace. I am excited about the opportunities our Roche Diagnostics Data Strategy will offer to improve healthcare around the world.”

Michael Heuer, CEO Roche Diagnostics