Building 1 in brief


  • Workspace for approximately 2,000 employees
  • An auditorium with 500 seats
  • Staff restaurant and cafeteria
  • Multi-storey communication zones

Technical data and costs:

  • 41 floors, 178m high
  • 3,500m2 surface area (94m x 37m)
  • 74,200m2 gross floor area (above ground)
  • Costs: approximately CHF 550 million
  • Highly energy-efficient with Minergie building standard
  • Earthquake-proof construction
  • Green building


flyer building 1

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Building 1: Guided tours

A clear commitment to the site

The office high-rise, Building 1, is a key pillar of our site development strategy. With its straightforward yet unmistakable design, it blends in perfectly with the Roche grounds and the Basel cityscape. With 41 floors and workspace for around 2,000 employees, the office high-rise also shows a clear commitment to the Basel site.

The new building meets the highest standards in terms of functionality and technology. Open communication zones on all office levels, extending up to three floors or more, are conducive to open exchanges among employees. Flexible building use is another important feature: Office spaces are modular in design, for example, and can be adapted to meet the required mix of single offices, open plan offices, and meeting rooms.

Moreover, Building 1 is a most energy-efficient building, i.e. heated with waste heat and cooled with groundwater, while setting new energy efficiency standards with its innovative façade and LED lighting.

The office high-rise offers employees an attractive work environment and top-quality infrastructure. Many colleagues from various areas are relocated to the high-rise. This new physical proximity creates excellent conditions for successful teamwork and the company’s innovative force.


Origin of the office high building