Ordering Biochemical Pathways Posters

We believe all people should have access to important scientific information to help their research and education. The Roche Biochemical Pathways charts appear in two large posters:

  • Part 1 - Metabolic Pathways (139 cm x 98 cm; approx. 4.5 feet x 3 feet)

  • Part 2 - Cellular and Molecular Processes (115 cm x 98 cm; approx. 4 feet x 3 feet)

Roche provides copies as a free service to the public; complete the form below to receive a free, printed copy. Each order will automatically receive both Roche Biochemical Pathways posters (Part 1 and Part 2) and an Index booklet. Please note that due to the high demand, we will not be able to provide access to all poster requests. In addition, please be patient with us on delivery timelines as COVID-19 has impacted delivery services in some countries.

The posters can be explored digitally too; please consider this environmentally friendly option.