Careers and development

Roche is a place where we are learning every day, building our careers and pursuing our passions

We focus on retaining employees through a cycle of regular development, recognition and rewards tied to performance.  We want everyone at Roche to reach their potential, further their careers and make their mark. Lifelong learning and development opportunities are part of our strategy and are an integral part of being an employer of choice.

We believe that career opportunities include a wide-range of activities, experiences and roles that promote meaningful learning and growth. As a company, we post all job openings (except for the most senior roles where a succession plan exists) and post these visibly to all employees on our intranet job pages.

Learning and development

At Roche, we aim to provide a work environment where our employees are encouraged to build their careers and pursue their passions.  By providing everyone with the opportunity for career development, we ensure the growth and sustainability of our single largest investment – our employees – and, in turn, the success of our organisation.

We believe career development is a partnership between our employees and their managers, with employees driving their careers.  Employees are encouraged to actively develop their careers and interests by:

  • managing their career to pursue personal goals,
  • seeking candid feedback on their performance
  • creating and implementing individual development plans

Our role as a company is to provide employees with the right resources, including a broad range of activities, experiences and roles that promote learning and growth opportunities.  In addition to global tools, courses and resources, Roche has many learning and development programmes which are geared to local needs and resources and aligned with local legal and regulatory requirements, when appropriate.

We work continuously to identify and develop our pipeline of internal employee candidates for the company’s top positions.  As part of our succession planning, we also continually review and recommend for promotion employees who show exceptional leadership qualities and strong performance.  We also focus on building external talent pipelines to fill gaps in our internal talent pool.  Having a strong employer brand improves our ability to attract quality external candidates.


We believe that every Roche employee deserves a great leader, someone who inspires and engages the team with every interaction and who provides his or her employees with opportunities to discover, learn, develop and contribute continuously.

This sentiment is captured in our leadership commitments which were developed with input from 1500 of our senior leaders in 2012.  They set clear expectations for all our people leaders at Roche and represent our leadership promise to our employees. Regardless of area of work or level, we expect every leader at Roche to demonstrate these commitments day in day out. Together with the Roche Core Competencies, these form the basis for our leadership development programs.

Leadership Commitments

I firmly believe that each person at Roche deserves a great leader. Every day I strive to lead by example, consistently demonstrating our values of Integrity, Courage and Passion. This means:

  1. I take a genuine interest in people.
  2. I listen carefully, tell the truth, and explain 'the why'.
  3. I empower and trust people to make decisions.
  4. I discover and develop the potential in people.
  5. I strive for excellence and extraordinary results.
  6. I set priorities and simplify work.
  7. I congratulate people for a job well done.

Developing our people leaders

We offer a range of leadership and development programmes, including Leading Leaders at Roche, designed to educate leaders across the entire company on what it means to be a leader at Roche now and for the future, and to equip leaders to fulfil these expectations.  Another important element of our leadership development programmes is the global 360° feedback tool.  It encompasses the behaviours and core competencies associated with our leadership commitments and helps leaders assess their individual strengths and development targets against global norms.

For further information, tools and support, please ask your local HR business partner or visit your local intranet pages.

Offering international assignments

As the global reach of our business expands, the international and intercultural competence of our employees becomes increasingly important. Experience gained on international assignments encourages sharing of diverse perspectives in a manner that respects local cultures.

Global mobility is one of the requirements in selecting high potential leadership candidates. To ease their transition into new cultures and environments and to support their return home, we assist employees and their families before, during and after their assignment abroad.

The opportunity for international assignments also helps position Roche as an attractive employer. This aids our recruitment of the top talent we need to build a pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.