Roche Children's Walk

Building a better tomorrow, today.

At Roche, we believe that vulnerable children everywhere deserve a helping hand towards a brighter future. That's why, on June 16 2016, Roche will come together for its annual Children's Walk, raising awareness and funds for children most in need of support.

Since it started thirteen years ago, over 150,000 Roche employees have taken part and 12.5 million CHF have been raised. In 2015 alone, 133 Roche sites across 68 countries participated in the annual employee project.

Walking today for a better tomorrow

Why we do it

In our sites around the world, Roche employees raise awareness and funds for children most in need of support. Money raised goes to children's initiatives in more than 90 communities, while the remainder is donated to help children in Malawi, one of the least developed countries in the world.

With 62% of the population living below the international poverty line and 790,000 children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, our goal is to foster long-term sustainable change by assisting with efforts such as providing food, education and health promotion for the children of Malawi.

All money collected by Roche employees during the annual Children's Walk initiative is matched by Roche.

Thirteen years of impact in Malawi


Malawi orphans supported


orphan centres built


meals served


teacher's training college built


teachers will be trained per year


university and college graduates supported


children provided with daily meals, basic healthcare and education

For more information about projects supported and efforts of the Roche Employee Action and Charity Trust, visit our website. We are proud of the differences we have made, but we know there is still more to do. Many more children are still in need.

Our walkers

For the 13th time, Roche employees in more than 60 countries around the world will come together and walk to improve the lives of children in Malawi and those closer to home.

  • 2.4 million people do not have access to safe drinking water, 5.4 million have no toilet at home and 47% of schools have inadequate toilet facilities. I wanted to do something about it. Children's Walk is a great cause and I am proud to be part of it!

    Aiman Naseer Roche Canada
  • It is not about raising or donating a certain amount, it's about being aware, getting involved and supporting the cause. The Children's Walk isn't limited to colleagues, but you can involve your community of friends and family as well.

    Sergiu Serban Roche Germany
  • I have been to Malawi several times to see the difference our efforts are making. Progress being made is only possible because of the people working at Roche participating in the Children's Walk.

    Marion Mischler Roche Basel
  • We have to be proud of what all of us did in Malawi with our Children's Walk. Thank you to all colleagues who joined and who will join Children's Walk in the future!

    Agnese Rossi Roche Italy
  • I couldn't believe it when I got the email saying that I would go to Malawi as an ambassador. I soon realised when I got there that what I knew about our support of children in Malawi was completely superficial.

    Martin Hirsch Roche Basel

Join us

If you are a Roche employee, you can register at your affiliate to take part in the Children's Walk, or sponsor a colleague.

How to donate

If you are not employed at Roche, you can support the Roche Children's Walk too. You are welcome to dedicate your funds by sponsoring a Roche employee you know. Simply contact them or go to our website to make a donation.

Roche Children's Walk is managed by Corporate Donations & Philanthropy and organised locally by affiliates worldwide. Roche provides all Walk and funding administrative expenses, so no donations are spent on administrative or fundraising costs.

Our partners

Children's Walk funds are channelled through the Roche Employee Action and Charity Trust, known as Re&Act, which is a legally independent charity. To ensure responsible and effective use of the donations, Re&Act partners with experienced and renowned organisations.

ActionAid Malawi


ActionAid Malawi is a non-governmental national development organisation that was founded in Malawi in 1990. It is a member of the South Africa-based international federation of more than 40 national ActionAid organisations. However, ActionAid Malawi is an entirely local non-governmental organisation that operates and makes its decisions independently and is managed exclusively by local employees. It is focused on fighting poverty and is active in 14 of Malawi's districts. ActionAid Malawi specialises in helping rural and particularly isolated areas through long-term programmes. Involving local communities and fostering their sense of ownership are a particular focus of its work and part of its consistent approach. In its role as a consultant to the Malawian government, ActionAid Malawi gives this often marginalised segment of the population a voice in the capital city.

For more information, please visit the ActionAid Malawi website.



Founded in 1946 and mandated by the United Nations General Assembly and guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF advocates for the protection of children's rights, helps children across the world meet basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. Working in 190 countries and territories to translate the commitment to the wellbeing of children into practical action, UNICEF focuses special efforts on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere.

For more information, please visit UNICEF's website.