Arts and culture

Supporting innovation in arts

Roche has actively cultivated and supported ground-breaking contemporary art and cultural projects since its formation in 1896. Today our philanthropic activities continue to reflect the vision and legacy since the company’s founding.

We support creative projects and activities that explore the parallels between innovation in art and in science. The focus is on music, while also supporting the visual arts and architecture. We cultivate and foster intensive interactions with contemporary music and art as a means to express our commitment to innovation characterized by excellence, distinctiveness and passion.

Roche Commissions

Launched in 2003, Roche Commissions is a unique collaboration between Roche, the Lucerne Festival and the Lucerne Festival Academy. Roche biannually commissions a new musical work from a renowned contemporary composer, on the recommendation of the artistic directors of our partner institution. The commissioned work is then premiered at the Lucerne Festival in summer.

Roche Young Commissions is a further expression of the partnership between Roche and the Lucerne Festival. The recently launched programme extends the Lucerne Festival Academy’s innovative Composer Project.

The outstanding works of music produced by composers commissioned by Roche are an enduring expression of our commitment to innovation, both in science and in the arts.

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Roche Young Commissions

Based on a unique collaboration between Roche, the Lucerne Festival and the Lucerne Festival Academy, Roche Young Commissions gives two young composers under the age of 30 the opportunity to write orchestral works every other year alternating with Roche Commissions.

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Roche Continents

As a sponsor of the Salzburg Festival, a high-profile festival of music and drama taking place every year in July-August in the town where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756, Roche supports the contemporary music concert series and explores common ground of creativity and innovation among students of science and arts.

During one annual week of exceptional challenges, known as Roche Continents, 100 selected students from European universities enjoy a unique chance to learn about music as well as the creative processes within arts and science that drive innovation.

Based on a jam-packed programme of lectures, workshops and teamwork challenges, Roche Continents offers the future top-talents aged between 20-29 a unique opportunity to build new friendships, learn and grow as humans as well as intellectuals while enjoying concerts every evening in the unique setting of the Salzburg Festival.

Participants of Roche Continents automatically join the Roche Continents Alumni enjoying special-price tickets for the Salzburg Festival.

How Students Are Selected for Roche Continents – One Week of Scientific and Artistic Challenges

Since 2003, the best European students of science and arts aged between 20-30 are each year invited personally to apply online to participate in Roche Continents by their university professors. Upon thorough review of applications focusing on personal motivations for participating in one week of scientific and artistic challenges, 100 European students are selected. Applicants are notified of the outcome of the review process before end of June. The Roche Continents week takes place in early August.

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Tinguely Museum

To mark its centenary in 1996, Roche donated a museum to its home city of Basel that features the work of Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely. The museum, designed by world renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta, is located close to Roche headquarters in Solitude Park, overlooking the Rhine River.

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