Roche Children's Walk

One day can change a child’s future

About the Roche Children’s Walk

Starting in 2003, Roche employees have continually raised money for children in need by joining the annual Children’s Walk which takes place every year on June 16– the International Day of the African Child. With over 150,000 Roche employee walkers at over 131 sites raising over 12.5 million CHF to date, every donation counts.

With the purpose of encouraging self-sustainable living through skill-building, the money which Roche employees collect during the 24-hour global event is matched by Roche. 50% of the funds raised can be used in support of local children or the entire amount can be donated to help children in one of the least developed countries in the world; Malawi in Southeast Africa.

With 62% of the population living below the international poverty line of USD 1.25 per day and 790,000 children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, our goal is to foster long-term sustainable change by providing food, education, practical skill training and health promotion for the children of Malawi.

Managed by Corporate Donations & Philanthropy and organized locally by affiliates worldwide, we urge all employees to commit to social responsibility by using one day to change a child’s future.