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Roche Partnering

... Roche will also gain access to the research work of Marcadia's CSO, Richard
DiMarchi, on glucagon, incretins, insulin and other peptides to treat diabetes and

Roche Holding AG, Basel Disetronic Holding AG, Burgdorf

has been active since 1984 in the research and development of insulin pumps
and injection systems for treatment of diabetes. The Disetronic. Group employs ...  |  PDF

Jefferies, Global Healthcare Conference

6 Jun 2012 ... Accu-Chek Combo – Insulin pump & bG meter combined. Accu-Chek ... SOLO
Micropump – Insulin pump and bG meter combined. US. US. EU.  |  PDF

Roche Media Roundtable New Approaches in Diabetes Care

19 Sep 2002 ... Insulin sensitizers, modifiers: What's new in the field of oral anti-diabetics?
Jacques Mizrahi. 15.10–15.30. Coffee break. 15.30–16.10.  |  PDF

Roche Partnering

14 Apr 2014 ... Roche recognises that no one company has a monopoly on innovation. It's a
common job to find the best breakthroughs in modern medicine ...

Roche Full Year 2011 Investor Presentation

1 Feb 2012 ... Accu-Chek Combo – Insulin pump & bG meter combined. Accu-Chek Mobile –
Next generation strip free bG meter. SOLO Micropump – Insulin ...  |  PDF

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

12 Apr 2012 ... Easy glucose testing, bolus advice and insulin administration via remote without
touching the pump. Well positioned in the growing US IDS ...  |  PDF

141-150 results for ‘insulin