Recognising everyday melanoma heroes


Three people living with melanoma tell us who their heroes are

#MelanomaHeroes aims to shine a spotlight on the everyday heroes – the friends, family and caregivers supporting patients every step of the way. Just as they provide support, they also deserve our support and recognition. Many of these people remain hidden from public view, and can be under-recognised for the tremendous role they play.

We asked three people who have been touched by melanoma who their Melanoma Heroes are. Each of them wrote a letter and read it to their hero. Watch the video to find out what they had to say.

Beyond the caregivers

Caregivers play a crucial role, but many people are active in the fight against melanoma – from the patients themselves to physicians and patient advocates, as well as scientific researchers who have contributed to more treatment innovation in the last five years than the previous thirty.

In our search for Melanoma Heroes, we have spoken with clinicians, researchers and people living with melanoma around the world who inspire us all to ensure that melanoma has no long-term future in our world. Read more about our Melanoma Heroes below.

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