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Basel, 3 July 2006

cobas 6000 analyzer series - the next generation integrated analyzer for clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing

Building on the success of the MODULAR ANALYTICS system, Roche Diagnostics today announced the launch of the cobas 6000 analyzer series. The cobas 6000 analyzer series represents the next generation of clinical laboratory systems which meets the changing needs of mid-volume laboratories. The cobas 6000 analyzer series provides an integrated clinical chemistry (cobas c 501 analyzer) and immunoassay (cobas e 601 analyzer) testing platform which supports easy on-site expandability and delivers more than 95 percent of a mid-volume laboratory’s typical testing needs.

The combination of integration and the broad menu of the cobas 6000 analyzer series streamline workflow processes while at the same time providing for emergency sample processing through an interruption mode which prioritizes racks to be sampled within 60 seconds. The cobas 6000 analyzer series can accommodate front-end automation with the MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS system, eliminating off-line sample preparation and reducing the potential for human error thereby providing higher quality, improved productivity, simplified workflow, and improved cost savings.

Roche Diagnostics now offers a single solution for mid-volume laboratories – linking pre-analytics, analytics, and connectivity options. “The cobas 6000 analyzer series will significantly enhance the integrated testing capability we offer our customers, combining chemistry and immunoassay tests with reliability and ease of use”, said Volker Pfahlert, Head of Roche Professional Diagnostics, a business area of Roche Diagnostics.

The cobas 6000 analyzer series offers many innovative features. The reagent carrier for clinical chemistry testing, the cobas c pack, is ready to use thus providing convenience and fail-safe operation through long on-board and calibration stability. In addition the new sample probe can pipette whole blood (e.g. for HbA1c applications for Diabetes patients) and provides clot detection and liquid level detection to increase confidence in sample quality. The reaction disc has ultrasonic mixing which reduces maintenance and carry-over potential.

In addition, the cobas 6000 analyzer series includes a package of electronic services, a connectivity solution providing customers with on-line services such as training, benchmark reporting, quality control, on-line documentation, troubleshooting and service via remote diagnostics.

The first three of seven configurations are now available for laboratories: cobas 6000 <501> clinical chemistry analyzer, cobas 6000 <601> immunoassay analyzer, and the integrated cobas 6000 <501 ’ 601> analyzer series.

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