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Conducting Business Responsibly

At Roche we are committed to meeting high ethical standards and complying with all applicable local, national and international laws wherever we do business. Ethical behaviour in business is essential to creating and maintaining a healthy and just environment for all. For that reason, we maintain rigorous internal processes to ensure that our employees adhere to the laws, regulations and industry codes of conduct that support good business practices.

Our Code of Conduct

Our ethical standards and commitments are embodied in our Corporate Values – integrity, courage and passion. Our Code of Conduct guides Roche employees on acting with integrity at all times. Employees complete mandatory training to ensure they understand the code, including how to voice their compliance concerns over business practices or behaviour.

Our Performance Management Principles ensure that employee compensation considers not only the results they achieve, but also how they achieve them. In particular, the principles consider whether an employee’s performance reflects the Roche Values.