This page is provided as a contact service and does not replace the advice of a physician. Roche cannot respond to questions about general medical information or questions regarding your personal medical condition.

Medications and diagnostics products can not be directly ordered through this website.

Please note that this form is not to be used to report health concerns or to ask any questions regarding medical products.

  • For patients: please contact your personal physician.
  • For healthcare professionals: if you wish to report an adverse event that occurred in a patient treated by one of our products, could you please use the current procedure in force in your country. Contact details for Roche Local Safety Units

Please note that we do not respond to form letters or e-mail campaigns.

Investor Relations: Manages the relations between Roche and the global financial community (shareholders - equity and fixed-income).

Pharmaceuticals: TREATMENT or THERAPY of a disease. Roche has marketed many highly effective drugs in the fields of cancer, viral infections, metabolic, central nervous system disorders and inflammatory diseases.

Diagnostics: The identification of a disease, done with the means of TESTING in a laboratory or by the patient himself (example of products: Accu-Chek, Cobas, CoaguChek, MagNa Pure).

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