Patient Relations Manager

Netherlands, Woerden

The pharmaceutical division of Roche has been active in the Netherlands since 1968 and is based in Woerden. Our staff is involved in marketing, sales and clinical research. Over the years the company has become the largest hospital firm in the country, mainly due to the oncology portfolio. In the Netherlands, no production takes place. We are looking to recruit a Patient Relations Manager. The Patient Relations manager will serve as the primary liaison between Roche and all relevant local Patient organizations and affiliated organizations or communities so Roche is seen as a relevant cooperation partner, in a compliant way. The function reports to the Head of Corporate Communications.


Responsibilities include:

  • Development and cultivation of important relationships with Patient Organizations and affiliated bodies across the country
  • Strategically shape the environment through consultation, education and discussion with all relevant patient organizations, and thereby enhance opportunities for Roche corporate reputation and purpose statement "Doing now what patients need next".
  • Stimulate and monitor the patient focus in all Roche NL-activities and stimulate the patient-centredness of Roche NL
This is done by:
  • Developing and driving "patient relation" strategies and tactics which supports the corporate brand and the Product Brands
  • Engaging with a variety of stakeholders on patient relations issues which have a significant impact on the availability of innovative medicines and personalized healthcare
  • Being the internal ambassador of the patient-population and the figure-head of patient-centeredness
Further Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Develop and implement strategies for collaboration and partnering with all relevant Patient Organizations, in close collaboration with the Brand teams.
  • Implementation of concepts for the introduction of patient perspectives into all relevant areas of the corresponding product portfolio and into the relevant regulatory processes, taking into account guidelines and care rehabilitation
  • Responsibility for compilation of relevant contracts with patient organizations and responsible, handling of donations and budgets in a compliant way.
  • Contact management to opinion leaders in the health system, which are relevant for the indication and patients
  • Plan and create patient care information and support materials in close collaboration with the Brand Teams and in independent collaboration with patient representatives / patient organizations (e.g., evidence-based, compliant materials)
  • Development and coordination of indication-related activities with patient representatives / patient organizations (for example, indication-related, compliant materials, event and communication concepts, patient adboards etc.)
  • Signaling trends and developments within Pharma and specifically in the area of patient relations and patient support.