Software Architect, Sequencing

United States, California, Santa Clara

We are a fast-moving, highly technical team of people with the ambitious goal of disrupting next generation DNA Sequencing. Developing our unique platform requires expertise across a range of fields: software engineering, data science, biology, chemistry, protein engineering, circuit design, and electrochemistry, just to name a few. We're pushing the boundaries in DNA sequencing technology. Our chemistry and biology coupled with our custom hardware creates a system that generates data at tremendous rates, a big challenge for existing technology for data processing.

Job Description:
Leads solution architects, developers, and operations engineers in the design and implementation of software applications and services. Establishes and maintains technology standards, evaluates and directs new technology designs for the Roche Sequencing Unit. Provides technical architectural leadership, playing a vital role in designing, enhancing, implementing and scaling application platforms.

Solves technology challenges in instrument and software applications today as well as prepare solutions that will solve problems that have not yet been fully formulated. Works at scale and designs distributed systems to solve a number of problems that have been traditionally addressed by vertically scaling and often expensive technology solutions. Drives engineering and architectural best practices broadly throughout the organization through mentoring architects and engineers. Provides customer focused solutions; understands customers’ challenges and constantly and proactively looks for ways to solve them.

Responsibilities include:
  • Owner of the architectural drivers of the software products. Including but not limited to understanding the goals, capturing, refining, and challenging requirements and constraints
  • Owner of the software design. Define and prototype the framework within which all application modules will be designed and implemented. Review and approve all module designs and implementation
  • Maintains control over the architecture lifecycle parallel to the project’s software development lifecycle, constantly monitors the adherence of the implementation to the chosen architecture
  • Delivers designs that explicitly anticipate changing requirements during the development lifecycle
  • Identify, own and mitigate the technical risks associated with the software application technology and development
  • Works across the broader company to develop and drive long-term software strategy, technology vision, and the roadmap for the company’s products
  • Continuous technical leadership and ownership of the software quality, and delivery. Involvement in the hands-on elements of software delivery such as coding, design and development of prototypes, and design concept explorations for reference implementations. Review the code within the final product to make sure all architecture and design principles are adhered to
  • Performs technology due diligence on software development and architecture topics, including open source
  • Drives cross functional technical alignment on the definition, understanding & architecture of technologies and solutions in several key areas
  • Works with cross-functional teams, product management, development and operations to architect innovative solutions that meet the company’s requirements
  • Proactively participates in the software architecture community