Protocol Development Team Lead, Sequencing

United States, California, Santa Clara

  • Lead the effort to develop membrane formation and cleaning, electroporation protocols for new chip surface, flow cell, membrane material and solvent
  • Guide and advise other engineers/scientists during the process optimization
  • Troubleshoot failed runs. Determine failure root-cause and identify possible process improvement
  • Explore various membrane materials to achieve specific membrane electrical characteristics, as needed by the system level requirement
  • Explore, design and execute POC experiments on “research” ideas such as lipid/membrane domains, nanodiscs, template tethering
  • Own and maintain the membrane formation core code base (python, C/C++)
  • Improve formation algorithm as fit
Tool development:
  • Develop and maintain necessary tools for characterizing membrane formation, including: data analysis tools, custom imaging setup
  • Develop and maintain process for optical flow cell assembly
  • Develop and maintain assay for spiking reagents with fluorophores for imaging