Post Doc - Generation of novel Brain Shuttle modules (m/f)

Germany, Bavaria, Penzberg

In order to develop our Brain-Shuttle technology – the transport of therapeutic proteins into the brain – we are planning to evaluate novel binding modules to increase specificity and efficiency of brain uptake.  As a postdoctoral fellow in the Large Molecule Research organization in Penzberg you will generate these binding modules and characterize them in analytical and functional assays. This will involve the use of kinetic modeling as well as molecular-biological, biochemical and cell-biological techniques in close collaboration with the respective departments and with your academic mentor. Specifically, you will
  • define kinetic parameters for optimal biological function using in-silico¬ methods.
  • clone, express, purify and characterize tool proteins needed for binder generation.
  • apply Phage Display panning and screening methods to obtain specific binders.
  • develop, refine and carry out biochemical and cell biological assays to characterize specific binders for internalization and transcytosis
  • publish novel scientific results in a peer-reviewed journal.