Associate Director - Strategic Planning

India, Maharashtra, Mumbai

This position will conduct statistical analysis on various dimensions of the strategy such as competitor strategy analysis and historical company performance, provide insights and recommendations to the business teams and monitor the implementation of the annual business plan with the objective of supporting the business in articulating and implementing the business plan and strategy

  • You will coordinate  meetings for business planning, support finance in consolidation of brand-wise plans and create prioritization metrics
  • You will review return on investment and sales sensitivity curves, provide inputs for business planning to relevant stakeholders, monitor progress against plans and work with sales, marketing and finance teams to recommend changes to plan, if required
  • You will track the industry and competitors against metrics such as sales, sales force headcount, etc., review historic sales data, conduct simulations on sales and analyse sales sensitivity
  • You will conduct analysis based on models, conduct trend analysis to get more accurate forecasting - immediate as well as mid to long term forecast, provide insights and recommendations for strategy formulation based on analytics done
  • You will identify data sources and analysis to be conducted, oversee collection of sales related data from data management team and archival of data received. You will also analyse data such as sales figures, macro-economic data, etc. and provide insights
  • You will set objective goals and evaluate performance of team members, recommend employees for promotions, provide performance feedback, coach and mentor the team and provide opportunities to the team to develop their capabilities
  • You will communicate requirements for market research in terms of end outcome, oversee identification of vendors for primary market research data, finalize tools and processes to be used (e.g. employee surveys, appraisal forms, etc.)
  • You will also identify data sources for secondary market data, provide guidance for design of questionnaire for market research, work with procurement team to finalize vendors for market research and resolve any escalated queries with regard to data requirements