CSM Line Manager / Vendor Manager

Sweden, Stockholm, Stockholm

We are currently looking for a CSM Line Manager/ Local Vendor Manager. The role will be a split role with 50 % CSM Line Manager and 50 % Local Vendor Manager. The key responsibilities for the CSM line manager are to provide leadership and maintain a highly motivated team. The CSM Line Manager is responsible for resource management and coaching and development of direct reports and identifies and implements areas of best practice and process improvements.
As a CSM Line Manager, you will be responsible for
•Maintaining a highly motivated team through outstanding leadership, coaching and people management, ensuring an objective and performance-led management culture and providing excellent career development pathways.
•Resource management across the team in order that sufficient, appropriately qualified and trained resources are identified and allocated to studies.
•Responsible for the development of functional strategy and objectives, and monitoring the quality and KPIs to ensure efficiency and high performance of the team.
•Promoting the sharing of Best Practices and ensuring effective implementation of global and local.
As a Local Vendor Manager you are accountable for leading the local QuintileslMS Functional Service Provider (FSP) model and ensures delivery of the master service agreement.
Key responsibilities and competencies are:
• Communication — conveys information and ideas clearly and concisely to individuals or groups in an engaging manner that helps them understand and retain the message; listens actively to others.
• Building Partnerships — develops and leverages relationships within and across work groups to achieve results. 
• Decision Making — identifies and understands problems and opportunities by gathering, analyzing and interpreting quantitative and qualitative information; choosing the best course of action by establishing clear decision criteria, generating and evaluating alternatives, and making timely decisions; taking action that is consistent with available facts and constraints, and optimizes probable consequences.
• Planning and Organizing Work — establishes an action plan for self and others to complete work efficiently and on time by setting priorities, establishing timelines, and leveraging resources. 
• Resolving conflict — Helps others deal effectively with an antagonistic situation to minimize damage to the relationship and promotes shared goals; uses appropriate methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people and facilitate agreement.