Sr EH&S Specialist (E3)

United States, California, South San Francisco

Job Summary
Perform duties as assigned and help develop the following areas:
  • Radiation safety survey program: ensure that all GNE’s labs have been regularly surveyed for contamination (weekly, monthly and quarterly) including equipment rooms, storage rooms using survey meter and wipe test with Liquid Scintillation Counter.  Follow up contaminated areas appropriately on a timely fashion.
  • Thyroid bioassay program:  inform iodine users for bioassay, perform QA/QC on bioassay equipment, determine efficiency, and send out the unit annually for calibration.
  • Equipment and recycling/decontamination program: survey unused and or recycling equipment for decontamination and dispose appropriately
  • Isotope shipments according to DOT requirements: Prepare extramural shipments in accordance with DOT and CDPH regulations
  • Radiation safety support for lab moves: Assist, post and edit accordingly whenever a lab move occurs.
  • Sealed sources: collect leak test samples semi annually and document appropriately
  • External dosimetry program: issue and distribute new dosimeters on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, update Landauer’s records database, and manage personnel dosimeters
  • Radiation instrument calibrations: collect, calibrate all portable survey instruments and send out dose rate meters offsite for calibration or repairs
  • Radiation laboratory audits: conduct quarterly lab audits, follow up and correct audit findings
  • Radiological emergency response: respond and evaluate radiological spills/emergencies
  • Radioactive material inventory/ EHSA database:  maintain an accurate radioactive material inventory using EHSA on-line database
  • Package processing: Process radioactive packages and high activity PET packages on a timely fashion
  • Internal transfers: Transport radioactive iodinated samples and other short lived isotopes within GNE buildings as needed basis
  • Laser safety:  Laser Safety training, internal registrations of class 3 B and 4 lasers, postings, inventory, annual internal audit, record keeping and may function as an Assistant Laser Safety Officer
  • UV and NMR: appropriate signage and inventory
  • Serve as First Alert Team EHS Advisor  (optional)
  • May support other network sites such as Vacaville, Dixon, Oceanside and Hillsboro (OR) as needed basis
  • May function as CRM (Client Relations Manager) after completing all the required trainings
  • Manage contract employee to maintain radioactive waste management program
  • Develop and/or improve existing procedures as needed
  • Provide updates and/or presentations to safety teams as needed
  • May recommend appropriate corrective actions when situations come up
The successful candidate must have the ability to work independently, is accountable and possess self motivation.