Sr Medical Affairs Information Specialist

United States, Arizona, Tucson

Provides scientific medical research and technical information to support Roche Molecular Solutions. Constructs and maintains product class alert literature strategies; supports health authority requests; evaluates and recommends new information resources, platforms, and search tools for information services; maintains and updates Ventana Virtual Library; supports the negotiation process with vendors in the Published Information Industry (includes Scientific Publishers, Database Producers and Hosts); provides standards assistance to engineering and development teams; and maintains regular contact with key customers across the business to ensure the Ventana Virtual Library is able to support business activities. 
This job is second in a series of two jobs, and is distinguished from the Medical Affairs Information Specialist in that it oversees the work of contractors supporting the unit.
  • Defines literature search protocols and literature search queries, executes literature searches in accordance with the search protocol, and screen titles, abstract and full text of publications from the literature search for clinical data on specified medical devices in accordance with inclusion/exclusion criteria set out in the literature search protocol.
  • Collaborates with internal subject matter experts to interpret and summarize clinical data from medical and scientific literature during the screening and data extraction steps of the systematic literature review process.
  • Puts metrics in place to measure usage and effectiveness of the Library Information Management Systems.
  • Provides training on using information resources, copyright compliance, intellectual access and digital rights management and bibliographic referencing and procurement; evaluates and recommends new information resources, platforms and search tools.
  • Maintains and updates virtual library.
  • Participates in meetings and professional conferences.
  • Oversees the work of contractors supporting the unit.
  • Miscellaneous duties and special projects as assigned.