Chief Compliance Officer

The Chief Compliance Officer is committed to ensuring that the Roche Group Code of Conduct is consistently complied with throughout the Roche Group. He also serves as a contact person for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the general public on issues relating to the implementation of and compliance with the Roche Group Code of Conduct.

Employees and other parties who become aware of violations of the Roche Group Code of Conduct can and should bring them to the attention of their managers or supervisors, to the local compliance officer or to the Chief Compliance Officer, Urs Jaisli, direct phone number: +41(0) 61 688 40 18.

Roche employees can also use the Roche Group SpeakUp Line as an additional channel if they in good faith believe that someone has done, is doing or may be about to do something that violates the Roche Group Code of Conduct. Thereby they can choose to remain totally anonymous.

Such disclosures will be treated as confidential. Employees who make such disclosures will not be penalised by the company for doing so, but are not immune from prosecution for legal violations.