Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Name (year of birth) Position Committees Term
Dr Christoph Franz (1960) Chairman C, D*, E 2017 2011
André Hoffmann (1958)
(representative of the shareholder group with pooled voting rights)
Vice-Chairman A, C*, D, E 2017 1996
Dr Andreas Oeri (1949)
(representative of the shareholder group with pooled voting rights)
A*, E 2017 1996
Prof. Dr Pius Baschera (1950) A, E 2017 2007
Prof. Sir John Irving Bell (1952) B, E 2017 2001
Julie Brown (1962) B*, E 2017 2016
Paul Bulcke (1954) B, E 2017 2011
Prof. Dr Richard P. Lifton (1953) C, E 2017 2015
Bernard Poussot (1952) C, E 2017 2015
Dr Severin Schwan (1967) F 2017 2013
Dr Claudia Süssmuth Dyckerhoff (1967) A, B, E 2017 2016
Peter R. Voser (1958) C, E 2017 2011
Former Members of the Board of Directors
Secretary to the Board of Directors
Dr Gottlieb A. Keller (1954)
Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dr h.c. Fritz Gerber (1929)

A - Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee
B - Audit Committee
C - Remuneration Committee
D - Presidium/Nomination Committee
E - Non-Executive Member
F - Executive Director

* Committee Chairman

Last Update: 2 March 2016

About the Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting elects the members of the Board of Directors on a yearly basis elections in which each nominee is voted on separately.

The majority of seats on the Board of Directors are held by independent directors. The independence definition is based on the definition in the Swiss Code of best practice for Corporate Governance.